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Spray Booth
The spray booth are used for painting various metals and objects. These machines also play a vital role in safeguarding the life of employees by preventing the spread of harmful particles in air.
Industrial Ovens
Industrial ovens are chambers that have high temperature rate and change the chemical property of substances. The process results in strengthening the metal, which is heated in these machines.

Powder Coating System

Powder coating plants are used to paint various kinds of metals usually tougher than paint. These machines use thermoplastic or thermoset polymer substance for coating. The application of these machines includes automobile and metal industries.

Shot Blasting Machine
Get in touch to purchase shot blasting machine for your automobile, bearing, shipping, aerospace, ship-building, railway or any other industrial segment based workshop. Shot blasting is beneficial in corrosion removal and surface preparation.
Paint Finishing System
Contact our Pune based company to source a paint finishing system for your workshop or factory. This system is ideal for performing paint finishing jobs on components, equipment.
Pre Treatment Plant
Buy our pre treatment plant for material pre treatment before the coating or painting stage. In the pre treatment, material's surface is prepared.
Paint Application System
Looking for a paint application system? You have landed up at right page. Our company, Techexpert Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and supplies this system.
Air Showers
Air showers are meant to reduce particle contamination in facilities, like cleanrooms. These are usually installed at entryways and apply air at high pressure to remove contaminants from personnel and objects entering the facilities.
Wood Finishing System
As the very name implies, wood finishing system can be applied to achieve any kind of finishing on a wood based component. This system can be used by an operator for manual finishing.
Material Handling System
Make use of material handling system to ease your task of handling goods. With this system, companies no longer have to put many labors at work to load/ unload or move goods.

Automotive Paint Services
Automotive paint services are rendered by experts, who are aware of the ins and outs of the job. They utilize the latest machinery to complete the job.

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